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Following a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, is about food, drink, clothes, shoes, body treatments, hair products and more. 

It's a conscious decision to think, walk and possibly, talk a better lifestyle. 

I support individuals who are thinking about making the shift, as well as, those who have already begun their plant-based journey.

Recipe: Vegan Shrikhand within ten minutes using only six ingredients

I’ve made Shrikhand before and it took a lot longer than ten minutes. This was mostly because the yoghurt needed to be strained. However, with thanks to my sister-in-law, I’ve got a new recipe for you and it only takes ten minutes, possibly less!

This recipe serves 4

Ingredients for vegan Shrikhand

  • 1 tub of Alpro Greek Style Plain Yoghurt

  • Icing sugar to taste - I use the one from Sainsbury’s which is clearly labelled as being vegan, others often contain egg

  • Finely ground cardamom to taste

  • 1 tablespoon of sliced almonds

  • 1 table spoon of coarsely ground pistachio

  • 5 strands of saffron

Alpro Green Style Plain Vegan Yoghurt

How to make vegan Shrikhand

  1. Put the yoghurt in a deep container - one which is deep enough so that you can mix the ingredients into it but not so big that you can’t use the same container to keep it in the fridge

  2. Add three quarters of a level teaspoon ground cardamom and a level tablespoon of icing sugar to the yoghurt

  3. Mix it in and taste it to decide whether to add more sugar or not

  4. Add some of the pistachio and all of the saffron and mix again

  5. Taste it and if you’re happy with the sweetness, use the rest of the pistachio and all of the almonds to garnish it

  6. Put it in the fridge for at least thirty minutes before consuming - this is optional but I find it tastes better after it’s sat and cooled in the fridge for a while

Comments from a friend who tried it before I published the recipe

Hey Heena! Just had the vegan shrikand at mum’s - that was amazing!! Thank uuuuuuuu. Better than any dairy based one I remember having.

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