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Following a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, is about food, drink, clothes, shoes, body treatments, hair products and more. 

It's a conscious decision to think, walk and possibly, talk a better lifestyle. 

I support individuals who are thinking about making the shift, as well as, those who have already begun their plant-based journey.

5 things you need to know about Calcium

Why do we need Calcium? 

Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth, it regulates muscle contractions, and helps with blood blood clotting. 

Where can we get Calcium from?

Calcium can be consumed through fortified items, such as, vegan milk and cheese, pak choi, broccoli, cabbage and okra, soya beans, calcium-set tofu, fortified soya drinks, almonds, sesame sees, foods made with fortified flour, blackstrap molasses and chia seeds. 

Source - The Vegan Truth

Source - The Vegan Truth

How much Calcium do I need? 

Adults aged between 19 and 64 years need 700mg of calcium a day, which should be achievable without taking supplements. Teenagers, women, the elderly, and lactating women may need more. 

If there's a need for supplementation, seek guidance about which form to buy and what it should be combined with. 

What happens if I have too much Calcium?

Consuming more than 1,500mg per day, may lead to stomach pain and diarrhoea.

What does the Department of Health have to say about Calcium?  

“You should be able to get all the calcium you need by eating a varied and balanced diet. If you take calcium supplements, don't take too much as this could be harmful. Taking 1,500mg or less a day is unlikely to cause any harm.” 

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People feel poorly because they are nourished by foods you wouldn’t feed to your dog and cat. The rich western diet is full of fat, sugar, cholesterol, salt, animal protein — all the wrong foods for people.
— Dr. John McDougall