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Following a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, is about food, drink, clothes, shoes, body treatments, hair products and more. 

It's a conscious decision to think, walk and possibly, talk a better lifestyle. 

I support individuals who are thinking about making the shift, as well as, those who have already begun their plant-based journey.


I found out about SpaRitual via Twitter and was chuffed to find out that their nail polishes were vegan. This naturally, led me to want to find out more about them and then share that with you. So over to Rachel Scaife, SpaRitual UK Account Manager who has responded to the first three questions, after which, the responses are from Shel Pink, SpaRitual Founder.

Shel Pink
Shel Pink

What does SpaRitual specialise in selling?

SpaRitual is a luxury, vegan, eco-conscious spa lifestyle brand for hands, body, nails and feet. We sell 5-free nail lacquers, speciality treatment elixirs, mineral bath salts, massage oil, bath soak tonic, body exfoliators, aromatherapy candles, gluten free lip glosses and beautiful retail gift sets.

Where is SpaRitual based?

SpaRitual is a US based company, distributed in 40 countries worldwide and we are the UK Distributor. Our Head Office is based in Manchester.

Do you exclusively serve those who are local to you or can others who are further away access your products too? If so, how?

We can supply to anywhere in the UK. We are a mail order company that supplies both spa professionals and the eco-conscious consumer. You can purchase products online and some of our range is also available from Feel Unique.

What inspired you to create an eco-friendly, compassionate beauty care brand?

My mother has always been a great source of inspiration. She raised me with an awareness to consider what I put on my body and what I put in my body. At a very young age I learned how to read ingredients on beauty care products and how to select the healthiest option. At the time there weren't many effective options. When I had the opportunity to create a brand new beauty care line of products I wanted to make sure that the products were formulated with the best, most effective, and healthiest ingredients. That’s why we formulate without the hot button ingredients in both nail care and body care and select high quality certified organic and fair trade ingredients for our body care range. All of our products are free of GMO’s and are vegan as well. We aim to raise awareness through SpaRitual about health and important social issues. We believe that health is wealth and that to truly be healthy you definitely need to stop and slow down every once in a while and enjoy slow practices like a spa treatment, meditation and things that nourish the mind.

How easy is it for you to source cruelty free ingredients for your products?

When we began to develop the SpaRitual brand we definitely had our challenges sourcing a wide enough range of ingredients and formulating against our strict standards. That was often the issue being one of the early leaders of the green movement in beauty. Over time as the industry caught on, more and more high quality organic and fair trade ingredients became available on the market. It’s been truly amazing to see this segment of the industry grow over the years.

Do these ingredients effect the outcome in comparison with non plant-based treatments?

The SpaRitual product formulas are developed by our very own chemist, in our state of the art laboratory. We take the time needed to ensure that our body care formulations are not only formulated with certified organic, fair trade and natural ingredients but that they are also high quality and effective. We manufacture all of our products as well so we are able to ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the entire process of bringing a product to market. Our nail care and nail colour products are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and Dibutyl Phtalates.

For someone who hasn't used your products before, without naming other companies, what do your products do that others perhaps don't manage?

SpaRitual is unique, in that it offers a wide array of products for nails, body and lifestyle. We have everything you need to receive a manicure, pedicure or body care treatment by a professional or to create a your very own spa treatment at home. We also offer the Slow Beauty philosophy and that really sets us apart. Our mission is to help people find ways to slow down and care for themselves so that they can best care for others and the world. We aim to help people develop a personal Slow Beauty practice using SpaRitual products as well as other lifestyle options. We have our blog as a curated on-line journal to share recommendations on how people can develop a Slow Beauty practice.

Are you owned by, or in partnership with, another company that does test on animals or sell non-vegan products?

We are NSI UK Ltd and we are the Sole UK distributor for SpaRitual. NSI is not a vegan company but they not test on animals.

Tell me a bit about yourself before you launched this company

I grew up with a mother who taught me at a very early age that health is wealth. She took me to receive spa treatments at a young age- not for luxury purposes but as a route to wellness. She also raised awareness for me about making healthy choices for food and beauty care. When I entered college – where I studied History of Art- I forged my own path into wellness studying yoga and later meditation. Out of college I worked as a photographer shooting campaigns for musicians and later launched a deconstructive style clothing line called LOBA. When I finally joined Orly I completely fell in love with the beauty business.

What is your vision for the future of SpaRitual?

My vision is to continue to stay true to who we are at SpaRitual and to promote the Slow Beauty philosophy as a way of life. We will continue to expand our product offerings and most likely venture into new categories. There are some exciting developments underway right now that I can’t speak of at the moment. What I can say is that the future looks very bright for SpaRitual.

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