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It's a conscious decision to think, walk and possibly, talk a better lifestyle. 

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Vegan cosmetics reviewed

Why I want to use cruelty free AND vegan cosmetics

Skin is the largest organ we have. This has been on my playing on my mind since I began feeling more uncomfortable about, putting something that caused others to suffer, on my skin. I slowly started buying a range of vegan products from companies to see which ones I preferred.

I explored what to do with the non-vegan makeup that I owned already. You can read about that in a here. 

Why isn't cruelty free enough?

Cruelty free products have not been manufactured or developed by methods involving cruelty to animals.

Vegan products however, do not contain animal products.

So cosmetics can be:-

  • cruelty-free and not vegan
  • vegan and not-cruelty-free 
  • vegan and cruelty-free

This article isn't finished 

Unlike other articles, this one will be added to in the future. I'll review products as-and-when I buy them, after which, I'll share my thoughts here. 


The Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is absolutely delicious!

It's great that a little bit of shampoo goes a long way; but the gem, in my eyes, in the conditioner!

After using the condition, my hair feels silky smooth and it smells super gorgeous! 

All their products are vegan.



e.l.f. eyes lips face in Superdrug

e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Lipstick Touch Of Blush_ Superdrug - Google Chrome 2017-06-23 11.34.49.png

The Beautifully Bare Lipstick is so lovely to wear. 

It's smooth, nourishing, soft, smells good and gives your lips colour without exposing any cracks, or drying them out.  

I purchased the colour shown on the left - Touch Of Blush and am going to be getting some more! 

All their products are vegan.

These Matte Lip Colour 'pencils' create a lovely look, but feel good too. Similar to the lipstick above, it's smooth and feels nourishing. It also leaves your lips looking vibrant and healthy. 

The pencil twists up from the bottom, and that's where you'll find a sharpener! Simply tug on the base, holding the part that shows the colour of the pencil, and you'll see it. It's easy to pull out and put back.

All their products are vegan.

I remember buying this because I felt like it would help me, when I felt tired or needed a bit of encouragement to 'wake up' and I'm glad I got it. 

The Eye Refresh Light/Glow Clear is unisex.

It provides a refreshing, cooling sensation without leaving the eyes feeling wet.

It's small enough for it to be mobile, which is great when you're having a busy day.


e.l.f. eyes lips face

The Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen is easy to apply and it lasted the whole afternoon and evening. 

Saying that; it wasn't tough to remove, so that was great too!

All their products are vegan.

download (1).jpg

The Expert Liquid Liner was lovely.

I'm used to applying eyeliner with a brush of some sort, so using this felt better. 

I could also make the line thicker more quickly, than when I used the pen.  

All their products are vegan.


The Essential Soothing Lip Balm really was just how e.l.f. describe it!

It's SO soothing! I've tried a few lip balms, and it feels weird to say, but I'm actually excited about this one! It's nourishing, smells good, feels great and has a slick look too.

Definitely one to keep in the handbag!

All their products are vegan.


The Essential Lip Balm Tint is great, because it's small, so it can fit in your pocket or bag. It also has a lid, which screws on, so there won't be any mess and it's available in a range of colours.

It produces a nice colour and feels good on the lips, but I wouldn't buy it again, because I didn't like applying it with my finger, nor do I want to carry a brush to avoid doing that.

All their products are vegan.


The Studio Mineral Lipstick is nice to apply.

It's creamy without being soft and messy. To say it differently, it's firm, but not so firm that it's hard to apply.

There's a range of colours and it looks great with their lipliner. 

All their products are vegan.


It feels strange to be so keen on lipliner as I haven't bothered to use lipliner before. I got it because I was told that the Lip Tar need a lipliner to stop it from bleeding/feathering. Although I later found out that it was because I used too much!

Anyway, I got the Essential Long-Wear Lip Lipliner Pencil and absolutely love the subtle yet noticeable definition that I get with it! It's easy to apply, it doesn't crumble, it feels smooth and you don't need very much.

All their products are vegan.


I used the 3 in 1 mascara today and liked what I discovered. Both parts of the brush are great for defining different parts of the eyelashes.

My eyes felt so light afterwards, that I forgot I had any mascara on, and I rubbed my eyes. However, that worked out just fine, because as a result, I realised that the mascara doesn't smudge or leave marks if you rub your eyes by mistake! 

All their products are vegan.


I have used this lip stain without using the glossy coat on top and the colour is stunning.

Unlike other types of lip stain, you can go over the colour that you've already applied and layer it up, without the colour becoming uneven. 

It's light, smooth and dries quickly. If only e.l.f. had more colours in this range. 

All their products are vegan.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics OCC

I got a few colours of lip tar and I really can't imagine when they'll need replacing. Why? One little tube will last forever, because you really do, only need a tiny bit.

A small amount of lip tar produces a strong, vibrant colour which lasts for ages!

Make sure you don't use too much, because it will feather/bleed. I must admit that I haven't got the hang of doing this right yet!  

All their products are vegan.


If you have dry lips, it's worth getting the clear lip tar.

Applying it to your lips before using the actual colour will help. 

It makes all the difference to application and makes the effect much better too. 

All their products are vegan.


If you buy a Lip Tar and the colour appears much lighter than it should be, it's no biggie. There's a high concentration of oils and pigments in them, and they separate sometimes. OCC told me to rub the tube back and forth between the palm of my hands. The friction and heat will cause them to mix again, so that the oils aren't at the tip; preventing an oily transparent colour. I did this for about 20 seconds or less, and it was fixed! 


B. is for Beautiful

I love the colours in the Complete Long-lasting Nail Polish range.

The bottles are short, wide and the shape makes them easy to organise. 

The colours are gorgeous and they last for days, even when subjected to tasks like chopping, washing-up etc. They also don't stain the nails and the colour is easily removed. 

All their products are vegan.


I like that the Rich Intense Colour Lipstick opens with a gentle push on the base of the lipstick.

The lipsticks are soft and creamy so it feels nourishing.

The colours I got were quite 'natural,' so it;s hard to see how long the colour lasts. I'll add more to this review after I've purchased a couple of bolder colours. 

All their products are vegan.


The Mascara is lovely to use.

The brush makes it easy to apply.

My lashes don't feel heavy afterwards and it doesn't get clumpy either. 

All their products are vegan.


Marks and Spencer

The Ultimate Wear Long Lasting Lip Lacquer is gorgeous.

The brush makes the application smooth and it retains its shape. Also, it's a great size and won't use much space in a handbag. Laslty, there's a range of colours. The colour I got was bold and long lasting.

They have some vegan products.


The Ultimate Shine Twist Up Lip Colour  is something I'd wear if I was going partying. This is because I don't usually wear lipsticks that create a glittery effect.

It is soft and feels nice on the lips.

It's easy to apply and will easily fit into a pocket or bag. 

They have some vegan products.


I found that I had to repeatedly apply the more natural colours of the Matte Velvet Lipstick to get any colour on my lips.

However, this is not so with the darker colour I purchased. That was quick and easy to apply and feel smooth on the lips.

They have some vegan products.


Alba Botanica 

The Hawaiian Plumeria Shampoo and Conditioner are absolutely lovely to use.

I still don't seem to have accepted how gorgeous my hair smells after I've used it. The next day, I'll move in a certain way and get a whiff of my hair, and I'll react as if I've forgotten how good this hair care range smells! 

All their hair care is vegan. 


The range of creams by MuLondon is versatile in that they can be used anywhere!

This one in particular is soft, creamy and has a delicious scent.

What's even better, is that, a little bit goes a long way. Thus it may seem like it comes in a small jar, but it lasts, and the fact that it's small makes it mobile and discrete.  

All their products are vegan. 


The entire range of creams by MuLondon is versatile in that they can be used on any part of the body!

Like others, a little bit of this cream goes a long way! It smells delicious and confuses the senses a little, if you're used to eating chocolate, rather than wearing it! Applying it is a lovely experience, and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. 

Like me, don't be fooled into thinking that the jar is small and it will disappear quickly. It lasts, and the small jar makes it easy to store and carry around too. 

All their products are vegan.


Heavenly Organics Skincare


I love using this body butter. It smells refreshing and you only need a little amount to soothe and nourish the skin. Take a couple of seconds to warm it up in your hands, apply and smile. 

All their products are vegan.


This lotion is amazing! 

It's light, doesn't take up much room, and the bar keeps its shape. When I need it, I swipe the bar across my hands, rub my hands together, and before I know it, my hands are moisturised.

For me, the best part is seeing how others react when they see me use it. They look positively intrigued. 

All their products are vegan.


This triple rose facial oil is lovely to use. A few drops is all you need to feel nourished, and smell good. It's light, and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I've read that others use it on their face before applying foundation. I love using after I've cleansed my face, before I go to bed. 

All their products are vegan.

CC Cream - 4 Shade Set UK_Fullsize Product Image (1).jpg


I blended two of the shades to find one that suited my complexion best. Mixing and applying was effortless. 

It felt natural. The cream feels smooth, provides even coverage and feels light. 

'The look' lasted the entire evening.

All their products are vegan.



Applying this mascara was simple and easy, but the effect was stunning. My eyelashes were defined, clump-free, and they felt light.

I like the fact that it is waterproof, yet easily removed with a little cleanser.

All their products are vegan.

Do you want to use any of these on your skin or hair?

  • Carmine - from powdered insect bodies 
  • Collagen - protein from the collagen of dead animals 
  • Guanine - fish scales that  are scraped off dead fish 
  • Keratin - protein from the hair, nails and horns of mammals
  • Lanolin - fat that's derived from the grease in a sheep’s hair
  • Squalane - sourced by squeezing oil from the liver of a shark

If not, you know what to do. 

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