Plant Shift

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Following a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, is about food, drink, clothes, shoes, body treatments, hair products and more. 

It's a conscious decision to think, walk and possibly, talk a better lifestyle. 

I support individuals who are thinking about making the shift, as well as, those who have already begun their plant-based journey.

Vegan Salzburg

How travelling to Salzburg got on my list of places to visit

I had travelled around Europe a few years back. One of those tours where you visit different cities over two weeks. Well...we stopped over at Salzburg for only an hour or so and I've wanted to go back ever since!

The little part I saw was beautiful, clean, scenic, green and just so inviting.

Booked and ready to go...

So Suraj and I booked a trip there.

The thing is, we were vegetarian before and now that we were vegan, rather than, expect lots and be disappointed, we went with the mindset that we may be eating salad every day. This was a better way for me to manage. Also, we weren't going for a huge number of days, so salad every day and maybe some bread or chips wouldn't be  a traumatic thing and we may even get a bit of a detox out of it! :)

The surprise of how well we ate (vegan) in Salzburg

We were SO chuffed! The staff in most restaurants were keen to ensure that they catered for us and that it was done according to their best ability. We also found a restaurant with vegan options listed on the menu from the onset. It was a great trip with no disappointments.

I'd love to go back one day.

The mindset for future vegan holidays

For me, mentally preparing myself that I may not have many choices worked well. I have a tip for you though. Don't be so sure about not having choices, that you don't look for options or ask if you can be catered for. I say this because we've found that we usually end up being looked after well and what I was initially dubious about, blossomed into a positive and enjoyable experience.

"When I was 88 years old, I gave up meat entirely and switched to a plant foods diet following a slight stroke. During the following months, I not only lost 50 pounds, but gained strength in my legs and picked up stamina. Now, at age 93, I'm on the same plant-based diet, and I still don't eat any meat or dairy products. I either swim, walk, or paddle a canoe daily and I feel the best I've felt since my heart problems began."
- Benjamin Spock, M.D