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Following a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, is about food, drink, clothes, shoes, body treatments, hair products and more. 

It's a conscious decision to think, walk and possibly, talk a better lifestyle. 

I support individuals who are thinking about making the shift, as well as, those who have already begun their plant-based journey.

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Recipe: A quick cooling dessert within 5 minutes

The bonus to this dessert is it includes fresh fruit. Thus giving it a 'healthy' aspect! 

This recipe serves 2.

Ingredients for a vegan cooling dessert

  • 4 scoops of Vanilla Swedish Glace
  • 2 handfuls of fruit - we used raspberries but you could use other fruits, such as, strawberries, pineapple and blueberries

How to make a vegan cooling dessert

  1. Put some scoops of vegan ice cream in a bowl
  2. Put the fruit in a small blender
  3. Blend the fruit
  4. Pour the blended fruit over the ice cream
  5. Serve and enjoy